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Our History

The Dixieland Chapter of ACBS has a great heritage that dates from its founding in 1983. It is the seventeenth Chapter to be organized under the auspices of The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc.  Today that Society represents over fifty five Chapters in the U. S. and Canada.  Visit this link to learn more about ACBS.  


When the Chapter was formed it was given member responsibility for eight states, AL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, and TN.  Truly the Dixieland States!  The first Chapter Meeting was in Ashville, NC.  Membership growth from that first meeting was rapid.  In 1986 this provided for the forming of a Chapter to cover the Carolinas and Georgia.  In later years, Dixieland would spawn two more Chapters, one in Kentucky and one in Southern Louisiana.  While membership is welcome from any state, Dixieland membership today is principally drawn from Alabama, Tennessee, Northern Louisiana and Eastern Mississippi.


Over the years Dixieland has held events and boat shows at numerous locations on the Tennessee River and lakes in Alabama.  For many years Dixieland organized a biannual Tennessee River Cruise.  It was a popular event drawing participants from all over the United States.  The 1999 TN River Cruise organized by Founder Ken Jorgenson and his wife Nan was published on the Internet and can be viewed here


The Dixieland Chapter newsletter, The Waterline, is published three times a year featuring members, their boats and Chapter events.  Publication started in 1983.  It has twice been recognized for a “best” award at the ACBS National Annual Meeting. 


Today, the Dixieland Chapter membership numbers around one hundred fifty with the majority of those living in Alabama and Tennessee.  An effort is made to have a minimum of three boat show events each year.  Occasionally, some members will have a loosely organized one or two day river cruise.  Boat Show events are held at various locations, all within the region defined by the Dixieland borders.  While our boat shows are not judging shows, awards are made for people’s choice and skipper’s choice.  Occasionally, we may also have some humorous ones to pass out.  Our events are family friendly with food and boat riding.  Guests are always welcome and no one gets left at the docks.  We hope to see you there.





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